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Julie and Kemper teamed up in 2016 to found Workshop Earth which was the expansion of Sea it Again, Julie's original business. Julie and Kemper while both being from the Middletown, MD area took entirely different paths but ended up in Florida. Workshop Earth embraces Julie's artistic talents and her passion to help the environment. Julie & Kemper share a strong love for animals and the water so Florida and Workshop Earth seemed the perfect fit. In August of 2017 they teamed up again to become husband and wife.


More than Just a Store

When you buy from Workshop Earth you are not only getting a unique one of kind piece, you are also helping the environment.  All of our pieces are recycled, repurposed and upcycled from items that would otherwise probably end up in a landfill. While "picking" for items to use for art pieces we often run across older or odd items which we offer for sale through our eBay store. Thank you for supporting us and our crusade to save our planet.


Sea it Again

Workshop Earth at the beach - not your typical arts and crafts store!

Sea it again is the original brainstorm of Julie where she creates upcycled art, that is all recycled repurposed with an artistic, beachy twist.

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